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6000 Litre Cesspool - GRP Construction.

Our Price: £1,350.00 £1,125.00 (EXC VAT)
Product Description
Our 6000 litre cesspool has a 500mm inlet invert diameter, and 160mm inlet diameter pipe, our 6000 litre cesspools are made from Glass Reinforced Plastic are the sectors preferred choice.

•Tough and resistant to shock, impact or breakage 
•Do not corrode or deteriorate after long exposure to chemicals from raw sewage
•Lightweight, making them easy to transport, install and reposition
•Repairs on GRP tanks is simpler and cheaper than on steel or concrete
•Fully non-porous and completely watertight, preventing contamination of groundwater by sewage and other chemicals
•Useful in areas with soils which cannot pass soakaway tests and therefore cannot accommodate septic tanks
•Cannot be bored through by tree roots, unlike concrete
•Require very little maintenance, saving you lots of money in the long run

*** PLEASE NOTE - Cesspool's do not have an outlet ***