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6000 Litre Rain Cell Rainwater Harvesting Tank - Home Range

Our Price: £3,450.00 £2,875.00 (EXC VAT)
Product Description
Our 6000 Litre Garden Rain Cell rainwater harvesting tanks and systems are produced for home and garden use, using rainwater for garden watering, laundry, vehicle washing, toilet flushing etc. This range includes a GRP storage tank in a number of sizes from 1,500 litres to 20,000 litres capacity, a 3P automatic top up controller, an inline filter, floating intake, stainless steel pump, solenoid, tundish and calmed inlet.

GRP tanks are versatile and usable in all types of ground conditions without the need for extra reinforcements or alterations. Other benefits include:

•Tough outer protective shell for installation in all types of terrain
•Resistant to corrosion, damage by tree roots, extreme temperatures and impact
•Require little maintenance which saves costs
•Easy to install, reposition and anchor with keying-in lips and lifting eyes 
•Have a self-cleaning and easily accessible water filter
•Visible tank volume level indicator in Elite version