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Wastewater management is a critical part of environmental and human health. Every home, commercial or industrial premises requires a fully functional sewage handling system that is environmentally friendly and safe. One system that is simple to install and use is a cesspool.

Cesspools are tanks made from a durable material and used to temporarily hold sewage. They comprise of only one inlet and no outlet, and have no sewage treatment capability. Cesspools simply hold wastewater for a period of time until it can be transported by road to a sewage treatment facility, where it is processed before being released into the ground.

Properties that are situated in remote areas with no access to public or private sewage mains can benefit from cesspools. The same applies to areas with dense populations, or where sewage treatment plants are not feasible. 

MP Tank Suppliers are a leading supplier of high quality cesspools. Our products are made from 100% virgin resin and glass without any chalk fillers. This gives the tanks maximum strength, durability and resistance to shock and impact. 

Our Glass Reinforced Plastic tanks are a much better choice than traditional steel and concrete cesspools. Steel and concrete are not only more cumbersome and expensive to install, but are less resistant to corrosion, rust and damage. GRP cesspools on the other hand are made to last for up to 50 years, and require little or no maintenance. 

Advantages of MP Tank Suppliers Cesspools

Cesspools made from Glass Reinforced Plastic are the preferred choice when it comes to cesspools for the following reasons:

•Tough and resistant to shock, impact or breakage 
•Do not corrode or deteriorate after long exposure to chemicals from raw sewage
•Lightweight, making them easy to transport, install and reposition
•Repairs on GRP tanks is simpler and cheaper than on steel or concrete
•Fully non-porous and completely watertight, preventing contamination of groundwater by sewage and other chemicals
•Useful in areas with soils which cannot pass soakaway tests and therefore cannot accommodate septic tanks
•Cannot be bored through by tree roots, unlike concrete
•Require very little maintenance, saving you lots of money in the long run

All MP Tank Suppliers cesspools come with a unique central keying-in lip and lifting eyes. This makes them easy to install in granular surround in areas without a high water table. The cesspools also do not require a large backhoe or mortar when being installed, which saves costs. 

MP Tank Suppliers provide optional high level alarms, which give notification when the tank needs emptying. The cesspools can also be chemically lined, making them ideal for caravan parks, marine and agricultural use. 


Cesspool Technical Specifications


MP Tank Suppliers cesspools come in a variety of sizes to suit all domestic, commercial or industrial sewage handling requirements. Domestic cesspools should be at least 18,000L for two persons, with an extra 6800L for each additional occupant. However, cesspools in commercial use have no such restrictions. 

Our cesspools have a 500mm inlet invert diameter, and 110mm inlet diameter or 160mm inlet diameter for larger tanks. The inlet depth for all tanks is 1m, with capacities ranging from 2800L to 20000L. 

110mm inlet diameter cesspools dimensions:

•2800L (3000 x 1250 x 1750 mm) 
•3800L (4000 x 1250 x 1750 mm) 
•4500L (2650 x 1600 x 2100 mm)

160mm inlet diameter cesspools dimensions:

•6000L (2950 x 1900 x 2400 mm) 
•8000L (3640 x 1900 x 2400 mm) 
•10000L (4200 x 1900 x 2400 mm) 
•12000L (5200 x 1900 x 2400 mm) 
•14000L (5840 x 1900 x 2400 mm) 
•16000L (6700 x 1900 x 2400 mm) 
•18000L (7500 x 1900 x 2400 mm) 
•20000L (8100 x 1900 x 2400 mm)

All MP Tank products are fully certified to EN12566-1 Standard and are ISO accredited. They come with a 25 year structural guarantee as well. 

Our large stock of products is able to meet any size of order directly from our extensive distribution network throughout the UK. We further provide unrivalled customer service and technical support to every client. 

For more technical information on our products or to place your order, call us today on 0333 456 6702 and speak to us directly.