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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Tanks & Systems

Water consumption has steadily risen as populations expand, despite water supply becoming less reliable due to climate change. This has resulted in higher water bills for industries and commercial properties. An environmentally friendly solution to this problem is rainwater harvesting. This is the collection, storage and reuse of rainwater onsite. This is achieved through commercial rainwater harvesting tanks and systems.

Rainwater substantially reduces the cost of potable water by providing an independent supply during times of drought and regional water restrictions. It conserves precious groundwater while reducing flooding and soil erosion. Rainwater can be used for sprinklers, fire hoses, irrigation, washing, laundry, toilet flushing and livestock.

MP Tank Suppliers are leading experts in rainwater harvesting systems. We supply rainwater harvesting systems to diverse industries including schools, hospitals, commercial farms, process factories, leisure sites and residential apartment blocks.

Commercial rainwater harvesting tanks and systems

MP Tank Suppliers stock high quality commercial rainwater harvesting tanks and systems made from modern materials. Our tanks are manufactured from 100% virgin resin and glass without chalk fillers. This gives them uniform wall thickness for maximum strength and pressure endurance. GRP tanks are tough and require very little maintenance, and boast of a 50 year design life.

Our rainwater harvesting tanks consist of:

•Filter assembly: Leaves, debris and contaminants are filtered before water enters the tank
•Overflow: Unfiltered debris and water flows to drains, surface water or soakaway
•Calmed inlet: Prevents disturbance of base silt by turbulence caused by water flowing into tank
•Floating suction point: Draws water into the pump
•Stainless steel pump: Pumps clean water directly to utilities
•Underground conduit: Houses pipework and electrical cables to the tank
•Rainwater management unit: Controls water distribution to the premises

Benefits of MP Tank Suppliers commercial rainwater systems

•Tough and very long lasting
•Requires little maintenance
•Easy to install through keying-in lips and lifting eyes
•Rust and corrosion free
•Self-cleaning and accessible water filter
•Protective outer shell for every type of tough terrain
•Dry-run protected and pressure sensitive pumps for uninterrupted water flow
•An elite option with visible display of tank volume

Rainwater tank specifications

We supply a wide range of tanks to suit every commercial or industrial need. These are Glass Reinforced Plastic tanks with flat bottoms, seals, manhole covers, 3P automatic top-up controllers and floating intakes.

Standard tank sizes include:

•1500L (1600 x 1332 x1575 mm)
•2800L (1870 x 2280 mm)
•3800L (2075 x 2500 mm)
•4500L (2196 x 2600 mm)
•6000L (2950mm x 1900 x 2400 mm)

Inlet/invert dimensions:

•110 mm inlet diameter
•500mm inlet invert distance
•110mm overflow diameter
•562mm overflow invert distance

We also provide specially designed tanks of up to 20000L for larger industrial requirements.

MP Tank suppliers have an extensive distribution network which allows us to deliver within 4 days of receiving your order.
Our commercial rainwater harvesting tanks and systems conform to all building, health and safety regulations, and come with a 25 year structural guarantee.

All tanks are fully tested and certified to BS8515 Rainwater Harvesting Code of Practice and Building Regulations (Parts G and H). They are instrumental in complying with environmental guidelines such as BREEAM and The Code for Sustainable Homes.

We maintain all products at high stock levels. This allows us to fulfill any order of whatever magnitude directly from stock without unnecessary delays.

For more technical specifications on our commercial rainwater harvesting tanks and systems, call us directly to speak to our dedicated staff.
Commercial Rainwater Tanks are available as POA, Please Call Us for bespoke applications