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Commercial Sewage Treatment Tanks & Plants

Large scale commercial and industrial properties have greater quantities of wastewater to dispose of than domestic dwellings. This means that they require a sewage treatment facility that can handle large amounts of wastewater at a low cost. This increased capacity is well catered for by commercial sewage treatment tanks and plants from MP Tank Suppliers.

We are leading providers of wastewater treatment solutions to different types of commercial and industrial entities including schools, hospitals, process factories and commercial farms. Our high quality Glass Reinforced Plastic plants set the standards in durable, cost efficient and low maintenance sewage treatment. 

GRP tanks are made from 100% unfilled virgin resin and glass, which is a tough material with greater durability than steel or concrete. Furthermore, it does no rust, corrode or deteriorate after prolonged exposure to raw sewage. Our commercial sewage treatment tanks and plants produce class leading effluent quality which meets every building, health and safety regulation. 

Benefits of MP Suppliers commercial treatment tanks & plants

•Highly resistant glass fibre that can withstand shock, impact and extreme temperatures
•Rust and corrosion free
•Requires little maintenance and is easy to repair
•Long lasting for a 50 year design life
•Outer protective shell for tough ground conditions
•Easy installation with keying-in lips and lifting eyes
•Impressive effluent quality of 11.5:19.2:8.4 (BOD:SS:NH4)
•Safe discharge into lakes and streams
•25 year structural guarantee
•No foul smells or odours
•Energy efficient compressors for better energy conservation 

Commercial sewage treatment tanks and plants specifications

MP Tank Suppliers commercial sewage treatment tanks have three chambers to ensure proper separation of solids. They are equipped with high specification bio-media and membrane diffusers, which promotes circulation and better treatment of wastewater. We also provide optional filters to reduce the amount of suspended solids in effluent. This improves the quality of effluent even further, eliminates odours and prolongs the life of the percolation pit. 

Our commercial sewage treatment plants are suitable for use by between 60 to 275 persons. They come in single or modular configurations depending on requirements. We can also scale your treatment plant capacity to fit your needs. Both single and modular configurations are available in low profile options. These are ideal for use in bedrock or high water table locations, where deep excavation is not recommended. 

Tank dimensions:

• 60 people: 8.1 x 1.8 m 
•75 people: 11.3 x 1.8 m
•100 people: 7.4 x 2.7 m
•125 people: 7.4 x 2.7 m
•150 people: 19.9 x 1.8 m
•175 people: 19.9 x 1.8 m 
•200 people: 15.3 x 2.7 m 
•225 people: 15.3 x 2.7 m
•250 people: 24.5 x 1.8/2.7 m 
•275 people: 24.5 x 1.8/2.7 m

Desludge requirements:

•90 days: (60PE, 75PE, 100PE, 125PE and 150PE)
•60 days: (175PE, 200PE, 225PE, 250PE and 275PE)

Dry Weather flow:

•60PE: (12 000 m³/day)
•75PE: (15 000 m³/day)
•100PE: (20 000 m³/day)
•125PE: (25 000 m³/day)
•150PE: (30 000 m³/day)
•175PE: (35 000 m³/day)
•200PE: (40 000 m³/day)
•225PE: (45 000 m³/day)
•250PE: (50 000 m³/day)
•275PE: (55 000 m³/day)

Maximum Daily load:

•60PE: (BOD: 3.6 kg) (Ammonia: 0.48 kg)
•75PE: (BOD: 4.5 kg) (Ammonia: 0.6 kg)
•100PE: BOD: 6.0 kg (Ammonia: 0.8 kg)
•25PE: BOD: 7.5 kg (Ammonia: 1.0 kg)
•150PE: BOD: 9.0 kg (Ammonia: 1.2 kg)
•175PE: BOD: 10.5 kg (Ammonia: 1.4 kg)
•200PE: BOD: 12.0 kg (Ammonia: 1.6 kg)
•225PE: BOD: 13.5 kg (Ammonia: 1.8 kg)
•250PE: BOD: 15.0 kg (Ammonia: 2.0 kg)
•275PE: BOD: 16.5 kg (Ammonia: 2.2 kg)

MP Tank Suppliers commercial sewage treatment plants have a Submerged Aeration Filtration System which increases reliability. This is a simple but efficient and cost effective system, unlike more complex systems which require costly maintenance and higher operating costs. 

Our treatment plants are CE marked and fully tested and certified to BSEN12255 standards. They therefore comply with every Building Regulations requirements. We maintain every product at high stock levels and can deliver within 4 days through our impressive distribution network.

For more product information, technical support or to place your order, call today and speak directly to us.