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Shallow Septic Tanks- Cylindrical

*** PLEASE NOTE - Cesspool's do not have an outlet ***

Septic tanks are the perfect solution for sewage treatment and disposal in remote areas. Homes and commercial premises that have no access to mains sewage systems can also partially treat raw wastewater onsite by installing septic tanks. This makes frequent transportation of sewage to a distant treatment plant unnecessary, saving running and maintenance costs.

Cylindrical & flatbed septic tanks are specially designed to be used in areas with a high water table or hard rock. These types of areas make deep excavation impractical, and therefore cannot accommodate the taller onion shaped septic tanks. Cylindrical septic tanks have a low profile, allowing them to be buried at shallow depths.

Raw wastewater is partially treated in the septic tank, making it safe for release into a percolation pit. The soil in the ground will then complete the treatment process naturally. This is done through anaerobic digestion, as solid waste settles into the lower chambers of the tank. Undigested sludge at the bottom of the tank must be removed and sent to a treatment facility. This will prevent clogging of the soak away and interfering with the bio digestion of sewage. 

MP Tank suppliers have a wide range of top quality cylindrical and flatbed septic tanks. These are made from Glass Reinforced Plastic, a modern material that has replaced traditional concrete and steel tanks. GRP tanks are tough and resistant to damage, giving them a much longer lifespan than that of any other material. 

Benefits of cylindrical and shallow septic tanks

Our high quality septic tanks are built for a lifespan of up to 50 years, giving unparalleled service without the need for costly maintenance. GRP septic tanks are made from 100% virgin resin with no chalk fillers, which gives them maximum strength and resistance to damage. They are light weight and easy to transport, install and reposition. 

GRP cylindrical and flatbed septic tanks have several benefits compared to steel and concrete tanks. They include:

•Do not require deep excavation or mortar for installation
•Low maintenance, cheap and easy to repair
•Keying-in lips and lifting eyes for easy anchoring and installation
•Resistant to corrosive chemicals in raw sewage
•Protective shell to allow use in any type of terrain
•Pedestrian frame and cover
•Optional conversion unit for converting tank into treatment plant


Cylindrical & shallow septic tank specifications

MP Tank Suppliers stock a variety of cylindrical and flatbed septic tanks for both domestic and commercial applications. They come in the following specifications:

Inlet/outlet diameters

•500mm inlet invert distance
•800mm outlet invert distance 
•110mm inlet diameter for 2800L,3800L and 4500L tanks
•160mm inlet diameter for 6000L, 8000L, 10000L, 12000L, 14000L, 16000L, 18000L and 20000L tanks 

Tank capacity (L x W x H)

•2800L: 3000 x 1250 x 1750 mm
•3800L: 4000 x 1250 x 1750 mm 
•4500L: 2650 x 1600 x 2100 mm
•6000L: 2950 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•8000L: 3640 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•10000L: 4200 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•12000L: 5200 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•14000L: 5840 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•16000L: 6700 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•18000L: 7500 x 1900 x 2400 mm
•20000L: 8100 x 1900 x 2400 mm

All MP Tank Suppliers septic tanks come with a 25 year structural guarantee. They are also tested and certified to BSEN12566:1 and ISO standards, making them compliant with building, health and safety regulations. 

We provide excellent customer service and technical support, and can meet any size of order directly from stock. Through our extensive distribution network, we can deliver within 4 days of receiving your order.

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