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GRP Tanks - One Piece

MP Tank Suppliers are high quality suppliers of one piece Glass Reinforced Plastic tanks. These are highly durable and strong cold water storage tanks for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. 

GRP tanks are a much better alternative to traditional tanks made from concrete and steel. GRP is a tested and proven material that requires little maintenance or operating costs, saving you money while meeting all your water storage needs.

Benefits of MP Tank Suppliers one piece GRP tanks

Our one piece tanks are made from high quality glass fibre that is impregnated with polyester resin. This provides maximum durability and strength. The tanks can also be used to store mild or even aggressive industrial chemicals when special resins are used. 

GRP tanks are additionally useful as feed and expansion tanks due to their ability to hold water at temperatures of up to 55C. For greater strength, the one piece tanks have treated timber reinforcements within the laminate, depending on the size of tank.

GRP tanks have several advantages including:

•Tough and resistant to shock, impact and tear and wear
•Require little maintenance over their lifetime
•Can withstand extreme temperatures
•Do not corrode or rust
•Hygienic and environmentally friendly 
•Lightweight and easy to install
•Can be used with normal fittings

Features of GRP one piece tanks

1. Properties:

•Specific gravity 1.5
•Tensile strength 10MPa
•Tensile Modulus 7.5 GPa
•Water absorption 0.2%
•Thermal conductivity 0.2 W/M2/Deg.C
•Maximum working temperature 60C

2. Inspection manways: 600 x 660 mm standard sized, bolted and vented inspection manways. Also available as hinged 450 x 450 mm deluxe manway inspection hatches, which are standard for tanks of over 1000L capacities

3. Ball valve chamber: Standard ball valve chambers with reinforced ball valve areas and optional insulation. 

4. Overflow screens: These conform to BS 6700 standards, while an additional 22mm early warning screen with a 0.65mm micromesh filter is supplied to meet Bylaw 30 requirements.

5. Optional catchment trays: Available in sections depending on size of tank ordered. 

6. Tank Dividers: Can be installed within the tanks to allow for maintenance works without the need for a total shutoff. 

7. Covers: Tanks can be fitted with gasketed covers and an additional screen vent where Bylaw 30 mandates it. 

8. Insulation: Rigid Polyurethane Foam encapsulated within the GRP, as well as an optional 60mm lagging set. 

MP Tank Suppliers Tank specifications

Our one piece tanks are available in different sizes and capacities in both metric and imperial sizes. 

The British Standard size range consists of 22 different tank sizes. These start from a nominal capacity of 45L and actual capacity of 36L for tank dimensions of 507 x 354 x 304mm. The largest tank in this range measures 1982 x 1982 x 1830mm with a nominal capacity of 6129L and actual capacity of 4903L. 

The M range of one piece tanks consists of 17 different tank sizes. They start from a nominal capacity of 70L and actual capacity of 56L, with dimensions of 500 x 250 x 750mm. The largest tank measures 1850 x 950 x 1222mm, with nominal capacity of 1750L and an actual capacity of 1350L. 

Non-standard tank sizes are also available. These vary from 32L up to 24000L to suit every specific requirement. All our tanks are WRAS and DWI certified and come with a clean and smooth internal finish. 

We maintain high stock levels to meet any domestic, commercial or industrial requirement. We also have an extensive distribution network that can fulfil any order within 4 days of receiving it. 

Call us today on 0333 456 6702 for more information or to place your order conveniently over the phone.