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Sewage Treatment Systems

Remote properties that cannot access mains sewage systems have several options for wastewater management. Cesspools and septic tanks are convenient and cost effective solutions in such instances. However, they require transportation of untreated sewage to a treatment plant, before it can safely be released into water bodies.

Sewage treatment systems on the other hand fully treat wastewater before it is released into the ground, rivers or lakes. It is an environmentally safe and convenient method of handling sewage without the need of building costly sewage mains. This makes them the perfect wastewater management solution for all domestic, commercial and industrial properties. 

MP Tank Suppliers are a leading supplier of all types of sewerage treatment systems. These plants are specially made from Glass Reinforced Plastic, which contains 100% virgin resin without fillers. Sewage treatment systems have the following advantages over other wastewater disposal systems:

•Sewage is processed onsite without the need for transportation to a treatment facility
•Sewage treatment is localised, reducing the risk of environmental pollution from burst pipes and spills
•Does not produce odours
•Environmentally friendly and safe
•Allows for water recycling into the ground and reduces water consumption 
•Effluent can be safely released into streams or lakes
•They are scalable when greater capacity is demanded
•Waste products can be turned into fertiliser 
•Methane gas produced can be a source of renewable energy

Benefits of GRP sewage treatment systems

Traditional sewage treatment plants made from concrete or steel have several disadvantages when compared to GRP plants. They are cumbersome to install and require much more maintenance than GRP plants. This is because they are less resistant to corrosion after long exposure to chemicals in sewage. Rust and damage by tree roots is another concern, as well as their high cost of repair.

GRP tanks are perfect for the following reasons:

•Have a 50 year lifespan with little maintenance required
•Do not rust or corrode
•Easy to install in all types of terrain or conditions
•Cheap and easy to repair if damaged
•Resistant to shock, impact and extreme temperatures 
•Low profile cylindrical plants available for use in hard rock or high water table locations
•Integrated keying-in lips and lifting eyes for easy anchoring and installation 

Our sewage treatment systems consist of a three chamber system, which allows for proper separation of solids. The have high specification bio-media and membrane diffusers to ensure proper circulation and treatment of wastewater. This produces a class leading effluent quality of 11.5:19.2:8.4 (BOD: SS: NH4). The plants are all fitted with energy efficient compressors to further maintenance costs. 

Sewage treatment system specifications

We supply sewage treatment systems in these three categories, and in a wide variety of specifications to fit any domestic or commercial use:

•Package treatment plants: Single tanks for 6 to 50 persons 
•Shallow treatment plants: Single low profile tanks for 6 to 35 persons
•Large treatment plants: Modular or single tanks for large scale commercial use for 60 to 275 people

MP Tank Suppliers sewage treatment systems are certified to British Standards EN 12566:3, and comply with all environmental, building and health regulations. Optional filters are also available to reduce the amount of suspended solids in order to improve effluent quality. 

All our treatment plants come with a 25 year structural guarantee, and between 2 and 5 year guarantees for other components. We stock all our products at high levels to meet any size of order, and can deliver within 4 days anywhere in the UK. 

Call us today to get more product information and excellent technical support and advice.